About Me

For me, photography is a channel between the past and the present; it is a means to preserve reality in a permanent image. A photograph should either transport you to a certain place and time – stirring up emotions, aromas, memories – or it should ignite a fresh desire for exploration. I believe in the power of photography. 

I’m Kalen (pronounced Kay-lynn) Martin-Gross and I currently reside in Arlington, Virginia. Photography has always been a great interest of mine. One of my earliest memories behind the camera happened as a child at Disney World with my purple Scooby-Doo film camera snapping timeless shots of the many seagulls at the park. Thankfully, my abilities improved as I grew older. I believe that my upbringing in rural Virginia helped shape my view of the world, as I’m an old, artistic soul who often sees the value and appreciates the beauty of the seemingly ordinary. Because of that, my photographic work has been described as raw, authentic, and beautiful.

For any inquires, commissions, or different photo formats, please email me directly.

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