I’m Kalen Martin-Gross and I'm a photographer in the DC Metro Area. Photography has always been a great interest of mine and a cornerstone of my artistic expression. One of my earliest memories behind the camera happened as a child at Disney World. Armed with my purple Scooby-Doo film camera, I captured many timeless shots, not of the famous landmarks or characters, but of the park's many seagulls. As I grew older, my style - thankfully - developed beyond documenting amusement park fowl. I now see photography as a channel between the past and the present; it is a means to permanently preserve the memory of an emotion or freezing a particular place in time. Because of that, my photographic work has been described as raw, authentic, and honest. While I specialize in landscape and architecture, I am also deeply interested in learning portraiture.

Please contact me with any inquiries.


Shenandoah's Golden Poplar Grove

Honorable Mention in Scenic Virginia's 2019 Virginia Vistas annual photo competition.


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